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"As a mother of four sons I have often wished they had come with instructions. So many questions arise from the different developmental issues that are part of raising challenging children. Debbie Katz has often provided me with the very instructions I have sought - she has been a calming force in the emotional hurricane that teenagers can create, an intelligent listener who has always understood my needs and concerns as well as those of my boys, but most importantly to me, an encouraging adviser who is always able to see the strengths of my children. Debbie Katz has an extensive intuitive knowledge of the educational process which enables her to guide children through the often difficult steps in their academic, psychological and emotional development. In addition, her unwavering support is invaluable to the concerned parent. With her broad knowledge of child development and education she is an unrivaled source of information. Thank you Debbie for always being there."--Lianne H., Silver Spring, Maryland

"Debbie Katz has been an invaluable source of ideas and expert advice as I try to navigate the challenging task of parenting my children. Drawing on her natural intuitive ability and years of experience, she has helped me analyze and approach the many challenges of parenting with a fresh and novel perspective. Countless times I have been amazed at her ability to zone in on the real issue at hand and understand my needs as well as my children's'. I highly recommend her as a talented and caring parenting coach."--Yael F., mother of two, NYC, NY

"Debbie Katz's personal warmth and sensitivity made me feel relaxed. Her many insightful observations are gleaned from a broad educational and communal background as well as personal experience. Taken together, these attributes made her the perfect choice to help me learn skills which I used to help bring harmony to my family."--C.S., Mother of 3, Baltimore, MD

"I am a single parent raising a teenage daughter. Mrs. Katz has helped me work through issues with my daughter’s growing pains. I’m learning how to be a better person so I may be a better parent. I respect and believe in her coaching method. It works well for my family. Thank you for everything, Mrs. Katz."--Donna S., Inwood, WV

"Debbie's wonderful coaching has helped me know myself better as a person and as a mother. She has helped me connect to my children and to trust myself. Every conversation leaves me feeling stronger and more optimistic. I enjoy my children more every day."--Becky L., mother of 4, Chicago, Illinois

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