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Family is my top priority.  Your family and mine. I have been happily married to my husband Marc for 33 years.  We’ve been blessed with  four sons, ages 15 through 26, who give us tremendous nachas (satisfaction and joy).    To be sure, we have experienced our share of challenges as well:  infertility, adoption, bedrest pregnancies, prematurity, learning disabilities, sibling rivalry,  ADHD…our list goes on.   I know first hand that being a parent takes patience, courage and endurance.    There’ve  been plenty of times that I could have used a parent coach myself!!

I have 30 years of experience working with Jewish families.  As a child of Holocaust survivors and as a frum (traditional) Jew, I have dedicated myself to the cause of Jewish continuity. This is my derech, my calling.  Countless parents  have come to me over the years for advice, support, information and help in locating educational and medical resources. I’ve always considered it a privilege to work with them.  My goal is empower Jewish parents by helping them discover how best to raise their children as committed Jews in positive, healthy relationships.  The Jewish future is with our children.   For me, strengthening  Jewish families is very fulfilling.

 It all started in 1976 when I  graduated with high honors from The Ohio State University.  For 5 years and in 3 states, I taught high school science and mathematics both in the public schools and in Jewish day schools.   In the years since then, I have been a full time mom, a youth director, nursery school director, Jewish community activist, and educational consultant in the Greater Washington DC Orthodox Jewish community.   Working personally and communally with parents and children through the years, my focus has always been to address the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional needs of Jewish children of all ages. 

Academy for Coaching ParentsAs an Academy for Coaching Parents International Certified Coach ® for Parents and Families (ACPI CCPF), I’m ready to help you meet your parenting challenges.  

Let me help you realize your dream of creating a home filled with shalom bayis and simcha, balance and joy.

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