My name is Debbie Katz and I am an ACPI Certified Coach® for Parents and Families (ACPI CCPF).

Parent coaching is my personal expression of Ahavas Yisrael (Iove of the Jewish people). Helping Jewish parents strengthen their families is my life-long passion.

I love working with every kind of family. That includes families with children in every age group. It also includes adoptive, grandparent, single parent and special needs families.

I work with parents in the Baltimore-Washington area in person or by phone. For other regions of the globe, my work with parents is by phone or, in certain instances, by email.

Here’s what we’ll do together to improve your family life:

  • We will discuss your family values, agree on specific parenting goals and design an action plan.

  • I will impart information and share time tested techniques.

  • We will work together with educators and other specialists to optimize your support network.

After every session, you will be amazed how empowered you feel. You absolutely CAN meet your parenting challenges and raise positive, emotionally healthy children. My greatest joy will be to help you become the best Jewish parent you can be.

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The Katz family several years ago
performing Havdalah, the ceremony
that brings Shabbos to an end.

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How Can Parent Coaching Help You? 


Family is my top priority. Your family and mine. I have been happily married to my husband Marc for 33 years. We’ve been blessed with four sons, ages 15 through 26, who give us tremendous nachas (satisfaction and joy). To be sure, we have experienced our share of challenges as well: infertility, adoption, bedrest pregnancies, prematurity, learning disabilities, sibling rivalry, ADHD…
our list goes on.  

Debbie Katz has been an invaluable source of ideas and expert advice as I try to navigate the challenging task of parenting my children. Drawing on her natural intuitive ability and years of experience, she has helped me analyze and approach the many challenges of parenting with a fresh and novel perspective.
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A parent coach is a professional whose objective it is to help you achieve your goals in creating a fulfilling life with your children. Coaching may focus on one specific challenge or it may concentrate on helping you become a generally more effective parent by improving your parenting approach and skills. As your coach, I will help you clarify what you want to accomplish, set specific goals and make an effective action plan. Read More...


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